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Our Story

Aaltoes encourages high-tech, scalable entrepreneurship and builds a leading startup ecosystem in Finland and Northern Europe. New innovations, great companies and success stories are born when talented people get together and exchange ideas. Community is key to serendipity.

Finland has talent and knowledge to create successful entrepreneurship. Our attitude should grow to match our resources for lack of ambition is the only thing preventing us from flourishing. We intend to make Finland the startup hub of Europe and Russia by 2017.

Very few of us have truly gone through the whole process of being a startup entrepreneur, and that is why we bring experienced serial entrepreneurs to tell their insights to anyone who’s interested in the topic. One might learn best by doing – but an inspiring example helps to set aims, widen the horizon and avoid a few missteps here and there.

Aaltoes lives like it preaches – we want to make an impact and change the entrepreneurial culture around us to be bolder and more active. Our culture is based on an open community, anyone can join and work with projects they feel passionate about.

All our events are free so the barrier of entry is as low as possible. All you need to do show up. One crucial element in our community is doing rather than thinking – asking for forgiveness later rather than waiting for permission. Giving back to community is something we want to embrace.

In the words of Charles F. Brannan: “If you have an apple and I have an apple, and we swap apples — we each end up with only one apple. But if you and I have an idea and we swap ideas — we each end up with two ideas.”.

Aaltoes was founded in 2009 by Aalto University students to pull seams. The idea was to inspire entrepreneurs(-to-be) and help people to work for their own ideas and dreams. Founders of Aaltoes wanted talented people to admire entrepreneurship and see it as a way to create something new and radical.

Aaltoes started out with grassroot events, which are still the most valuable part of our activity. Aaltoes gave people the opportunity to build their very own team, pitch their ideas and get feedback from experienced entrepreneurs all the while building their professional network.

In just a few years we’ve achieved a lot, and it’s fair to say that Aaltoes has made a difference when it comes to Finland’s startup scene and entrepreneurial culture. Success has only driven us to work harder and aim higher.

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