Five favourites: Startup Lessons Learned

A great source for continuous insight is Startup Lessons Learned, a blog from Eric Ries. Eric’s posts and lectures are a great mixture of engineering practices and management frameworks.

He offers hands-on advice on issues that almost all startups, whether in tech or not, will eventually face. These themes are for example rapid experimentation, making actionable metrics and finding the true causes of failures with the Five Whys -method. Agile development and the lean thinking/manufacturing are well known concepts in technology companies, but Eric does wonders in introducing them in the practical context of a startup.

The Lean Startup community includes all sorts of useful resources for starting entrepreneurs: you can for instance visit Lean Startup wiki with e-mail lists, case studies and tools, follow the hashtag leanstartup in Twitter and buy (or borrow) Steve Blank’s book 4 steps to epiphany to find out more.

Our friends at Arctic Startup, CityVice, Floobs and Everyplay published just the lecture Eric Ries held in Helsinki last Tuesday. It’s a must watch for everyone.

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A podcast version of a similar kind of speech can be found from the  STVP Entrepeneurial Thought Leaders -seminar.

This is the second post of our Global Entrepreneurship Week Five Favourites -series, exploring some the entrepreneurial inspiration available on the Internet. See the previous posts at
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