Startups traveling with us in Silicon Valley

Startups traveling with us in Silicon Valley

Here are the startups traveling with us in Silicon Valley during the week. All of them have great stories to share, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

Aalto Entrepreneurship Society

Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, more often called simply Aaltoes, strives to create an entrepreneurial eco-system in Aalto University.
Our philosophy is that success breeds success and activity. That is why our main goal is to create successful companies. We want to get the best students into Aalto University and we want them to want to become successful entrepreneurs. We aim at helping our students to find and create ideas, form teams, learn, create startups and successful companies.
Aaltoes is going to solve this problem by activating students, bringing together resources and helping teams kickstart their startups. We have a lot of great initiatives for startups in Finland, but what is needed is connecting them more and getting people from the outside, for example students, connected with the projects and make them happen. We’re always open to ideas on what kind of new events to organize, so don’t hesitate to contact us, you can join us and we’ll make it happen together!
Contact Kristo Ovaska, kristo.ovaska (at)

ArcticStartup, founded in 2007, is the leading weblog reviewing and reporting on technology startups and growth entrepreneurship from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

We at ArcticStartup aim to encourage entrepreneurship and to help create a radically optimistic entrepreneurial culture here in the Nordics and Baltics by writing about the startups, the stories behind them and the events that influence them. Northern Europe is happening!
Contact Ville Vesterinen,

MySites is a place for you to save, manage and share your content online: your party photos, holiday videos, band’s tunes, school work, all in one place! We’re adding new sites and new features every week!
MySites can also bring more functionality to the websites you’re already using. Already have a website, a social network, a blog, a forum? Keep it! We’ll give you apps to help you publish your content there too.
Also, we’re making it possible to see and add your content from any device! So you can keep in touch with your friends’ content with your phone, or on tv using your console.
Contact Ramine Darabiha


Nodeta is a software consultancy that currently employs 12 experienced web developers and agile experts. Our focus is in our real-time team collaboration app, Flowdock.

Flowdock is now in its private alpha stage as some of the first companies are exploring its features and giving feedback. It will be launched to the public later this year.
Contact Mikael Roos, mikael (at)


A few words for those of you who are just getting to know us! Powerkiss has developed an integrated wireless charging solution, which converts basic furniture into smart energy platforms. To juice up your gadgets, you only need to place them on the surface of the furniture, just like you would do anyway. Powerkiss is a marriage of high-tech and design. We deliver charging packages, which can be integrated into various furniture surfaces. The first products were launched with Martela, the Finnish designer and supplier of interior solutions, in April 2009. One never has enough friends – we are more than happy to cooperate with new, inspiring partners, just let us know if you are interested!
Contact Maija Itkonen,

Grow VC is Venture Capital 2.0, bringing the first truly transparent, international, community-based approach to early stage funding. Grow VC can help mobile and web 2.0 startup stars secure initial funding for their businesses ranging from $10,000 to 1m USD. Grow VC will not only connect startup entrepreneurs with ‘funders’ (investors) to help them discover their common interests, but also provide tools for the process and new transparent ways of doing things. Grow VC international headquarters is located in Hong Kong.
Contact Valto Loikkanen, valto (at)

Widsen is a young and goal driven company focused in providing sensing and communication solutions for a variety of industries and applications. Our core competence lies in combining NFC (Near Field Communications) technology with PLC (Power Line Communication), creating easily applicable and low-cost solutions. We are based in Helsinki, Finland.
Contact Markus Nuotto, markus.nuotto (at)

EnterpriseHelsinki is Helsinki regions joint service centre for prospective and active entrepreneurs. We are pleased to offer all the service needed to develop a business:
- Info on becoming an entrepreneur
- Management consultancy for new and early-stage entrepreneurs
- Entrepreneur training
- Business incubation services
- Business service for immigrants
- Setting up a business begins with a business plan
Contact Valto Loikkanen, valto (at)

We are a provider of mobile and internet software services. We have attained the position of a preferred partner for the implementation of various projects within the fields of our expertise. We employ over 75 professionals. Our job titles include software developers and architects, QA-managers, Scrum Masters, user experience specialists, UI & concept designers as well as a wealth of other technical professionals. Futurice is owned by the management, Innofinance, company staff and private investors. We are based in Finland, in Helsinki and Tampere, but we work around the globe, in Europe, Americas and Asia. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your business or career requirements.
Contact Markku Taulamo, mark (at)

Futuuns is a web service built around the audio production process. It’s a place where audio producers can collaborate and make money.

- We provide tools for unfamiliar parties to collaborate safely. Using our online collaboration platform minimizes the risk of audio misuse.
- We create new business opportunities for the producers. We give everyone a change to showcase their skills and make money.
- We guarantee monetary transactions. Transactions between parties are done without any risk of losing money.
- We take care of the copyright issues. An official contract is signed when an audio product changes its owner.

Futuuns will change the way business is done in audio production!

Contact Teemu Yli-Hollo, teemu (at)

Muxlim is the worlds largest Muslim lifestyle media company. Our vision is to connect the world’s Muslim communities to each other, and to the wider world, through shared online experiences. Tens of million of users visit the Muxlim Network every year to enhance their Muslim lifestyle and enjoy content including music, entertainment, fashion, food, sport, science, news, culture and more. is the company’s flagship social media service combining interactive video, audio, blogs, polls and images. Muxlim is focused on the Muslim lifestyle as part of a diverse, all-inclusive world which recognizes and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds who want to share, learn and have fun.
Contact Jussi Vaihia, jussiava (at)

Qvik in a nutshell:
- Finnish IT company; Experts in iPhone, Web and Portal Development
- Offers IT consulting & project development services
- Founded at the end of 2008
- Located in central Helsinki, “Aikatalo”
- Owned by employees
- Ready to help you
Wooden Labyrinth 3D from Elias Pietilä was selected as Best iPhone Student App (Apple Design Award 2009). More information about the Award can be found at:
Contact Elias Pietilä, elias.pietila (at)


Instead of putting cities on geographical maps, Cityard connects cities based on their semantic relevance. Mining into online buzz, Cityard abstracts word clouds, and some of the words are transformed into symbols, so to make a visual representation. Since all the data is sourced from the web and updates frequently, the user might find unexpected pattern of the world cities. Moreover, registered user can reshape the patterns by commenting, tagging and rebuilding the semantic pattern of cities. With words added to the city vocabulary, the semantic patterns constantly change, and keep refreshed.
Contact Shanfan Huang, chitchy(at) Jussi Vaihia jussiava (at)

University Merchandise
University Merchandise outsources merchandise marketing services for universities. To meet a lack of resources available at Finnish universities to put a sustained effort into merchandise, our company aims to provide a top-down solution from product development to marketing.
Contact Jens Sorensen jens.sorensen (at), Joonatan Lintala joonatan.lintala (at)

Hipui develops a new revolutionary patent pending user interface technology. We are building on pioneering research done at Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) and commited to making world easier through natural usability. Our technology enables the use of mobile devices intuitively in many new usage scenarios, such as walking, driving, and sports. Our multimodal user interface enables eyes-free usage and supports even the most complex menu structures.
Contact hipui (at)

ArcticStartup, founded in 2007, is the leading weblog reviewing and reporting on technology startups and growth entrepreneurship from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

We at ArcticStartup aim to encourage entrepreneurship and to help create a radically optimistic entrepreneurial culture here in the Nordics and Baltics by writing about the startups, the stories behind them and the events that influence them. Northern Europe is happening!
Contact Ville Vesterinen, Karri Saarinen

Language Café
We are a group of three students from Finland with an awarded business idea considering social design and innovations. Our concept aims at social innovation providing an active role to seniors in society and better integration chances to foreign citizens.
Contac Stefania Passera, passera.stefania (at), Maria Ullner maria.ullner(at), Reetta Maila, reetta.maila (at) is developing the next generation’s eLearning platform for different education contents. The first product was a prep course concept for people who are applying for universities in Finland.
Contact Perttu Ojansuu, perttu.ojansuu (at)




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