The Chosen Teams For Summer of Startups

The Chosen Teams For Summer of Startups

sos judgeSummer of Startups Chosen Teams

Congratulation to all the teams chosen to this summer program.  We were honestly impress with many of the applications, it was difficult to choose!  The judges were Ramine Darabiha;MySites, Kristo Ovaska; Aalto Venture Garage, Antti Aarnio; Otaniemi International Innovation Center, Will Cardwell, Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship  and Sami Heikkiniemi; Tekes.

We would like to point out that if your team was not chosen, it doesn’t not mean that you cannot come into the Garage and work.  The Garage has an open door policy which means everyone is welcome.


1.    INCSPARK – An activity and collaboration in the cloud so everybody is on the same page.

2.    Living Canvas: Ecologically sustainable interior design

3.    MDA- Mobile application to detect, read and collect info of diet in real-time

4.    SMS IT- Getting Facebook status update through SMS

5.    Alfa- A reminder service so you never forget a thing!

6.  Mookoo-Functional textile material that is therapeutic and activating

7.   Octarine- Travelling pictures, tweets, blogs all in one place

8.   Buffee-. The platform automatically collects, categorizes & analyzes feedback from various channels); then forward in a unified format. No more need for manual channel maintenance.

9.    MicroPolling- Increasing customer-company interaction to make the world a better place to be a customer

10. Pamoja Innvoation- Increasing welfare and fight climate change in East Africa by encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector.Summer of Startups 007


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