A Date in a Sauna

A Date in a Sauna

Morning coffee with Forrest from STVP in Coupa Café further clarified some of our thoughts from yesterday. A more detailed discussion about the Mayfield Fellows program further convinced us that this is something that could be implemented in Aalto. It doesn’t require a lot of resources and should definitely be integrated with the upcoming curriculum.

After meeting with Forrest we headed to Plug and Play Tech Center where we met up with Dom who was actually the first guy we met on Monday at TCDisrupt. Plug&Play wasn’t that nice of a space but their depiction as “Silicon Valley in a box” was very interesting. Basically the same building housed over 200 startups, tens of Angels and VCs, coaches and mentors. Finnpro and Finnode had booths there but they were empty. Collaboration here could be useful for some of our startups.

Highlight of the day

At Disrupt we met Hermione Way, a cool British girl, who does video coverage for The Next Web. We wanted to do a piece on Startup Sauna with her so she told us we need to have an interesting setting for the interview, sort of like you would on a date. Consequently, we agreed to do the interview in a sauna. This was certainly the most bizarre interview any of us had done, but we felt it was a great idea and it was very interesting. We discussed important points and hopefully it will turn out great. So stay tuned. In addition we were able to provide the sauna experience to the next web crew and we’re certain it left a lasting mark. (Thanks to everyone who helped us make this happen and thanks Hermione!)

In the evening we headed out to Santa Cruz where the videographer we worked with today lived and had a nice seafood dinner. Also saw some seals at the wharf!

Lessons of the day

Being different is really important in what we do. It’s a core reason behind the success of Aaltoes and Startup Sauna and should be so in the future as well. It is why we got the interview and it’s why our Startup Sauna t-shirts attracted so much attention at the Disrupt conference.

Being open-minded and receptive to ideas and people leads to serendipitous connections and opportunities – another key lesson that today’s events epitomise.

Doing is learning. Even though we weren’t on sure footing today in the sauna, taking charge and going for it taught us way more than not doing it.

Tomorrow is our last day here and the schedule will be tight. Now a couple of beers and then bed.

Looking forward to another Super8 brekkie,

J, N, R & J



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