Aaltoes Build It: Power building at Garage this weekend

Aaltoes Build It: Power building at Garage this weekend

Aaltoes Build It, a weekend rapid prototyping madness, started on Friday with some 80 hackathon enthusiasts.

First on the agenda, Raido Pikkar gives a glimpse of life post Build It: Acceleration programs like Wiseguys might be a good option to keep up the startup-to-be’s momentum after the weekend.

After that, Petri Vilen came on stage to set the mood and talked about inspiration and how hackathon-worthy strategies and concepts can be found from anywhere; after all, construction workers are a prime example of time boxers.

Friday evening was then followed by rapid pitching session where idea visionaries tried – in a matter of few minutes – to persuade team members to join in. As a result 14 teams were born;

  • Wave Energy
  • Startup Sauna e-learning platform
  • Festival and outdoors events /AR project
  • “Whiteboard”
  • Find picture
  • Pets network
  • Taxi optimization service
  • Groupwork collaboration platform
  • “Skill game”
  • Helsinki Public
  • Online dating service re-twisted
  • Lunch partner likeminded chat
  • Conversation tracker to group topics
  • Freelance portal to connect the right people

Over the weekend, the teams will develop their initial ideas into working prototypes – some might change tracks completely (in startup parlance, known as pivot) and for all, the pressure is there; how much can a product, and a team, develop in one weekend?

On Sunday evening, we welcome you all to a public final demo session where each team will share the progress. More info here.

Follow the updates on Twitter; a) Aaltoes account and b) #aaltoes hashtag for updates and feelings from the weekend.

Build It is supported by The Ministry of Transport and Communications, IBM and Eficode.





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