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Attention Smart People!


If you haven’t figured out your summer just yet, or are looking for some extra challenge, check out Summer of Startups teams looking for talent. Most of the teams are looking for different kinds of software developers, so there are a lot of possibilities for you if programming is your thing.

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Aaltoes Build It: Get a team and make it happen!


Is one weekend enough to build a product? Surely it’s not enough to think through all the details and fine prints but it’s definitely enough to get the ball rolling and deliver a first prototype. We guarantee that in some two days, backed up with a skilled team and an inspiring community, you can achieve so much more that you …

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Startups Studio on Wednesdays

Aalto Entrepreneurship Society is proud to announce a new event concept called Startups Studio. It’s going to be organized every Wednesday 6pm until summer at a pre-announced location. The events are a series of interviews from a variety of topics with selected entrepreneurial individuals and startups. The catch is that these discussions are as informal as it can get i.e. …

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Ideas for lunch at Taik

Our first event of the year at TaiK was the second round of our Open Mic event concept, where the floor is open for everyone to come and share their ideas and toss them into open discussion. A lively group gathered in the eighth floor art gallery on Thursday to share their thoughts. The variety of ideas presented were a …

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Aaltoes Tuli Talked with Hannu Verkasalo

Aaltoes was privileged to host Hannu Verkasalo, serial entrepreneur and founder at Zokem Ltd., this Thursday at the Aalto Ventures Park in Otaniemi. This was the first of the Aaltoes Tuli Talk series, a monthly event dedicated to hearing the stories of entrepreneurs with a research background. Antti Aarnio from the Tuli program was on hand to open the event …

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Update from Aaltoes Development Weekend

We’ve been working on Aaltoes development today with the new and former boards of Aaltoes and active team-members. We’d love to have feedback from everyone reading this, so please comment!

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Stage is yours at Aaltoes Open Mic

We have just wrapped up our first week back after the Winter Break. Drinks, pizza and pitching – the very first Aaltoes Open Mic gathered some 40 people to share their ideas and build upon others. Jens Sorensen and Ville Simola opened the event with a brief introduction to Aaltoes and idea generation from Steve Sammartino. The lively discussion in …

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Welcome to Aaltoes Open Mic

The first Aaltoes event for this decade will be a casual networking evening and an opportunity for sharing ideas: Aaltoes Open Mic. We’ll bring the same set to every campus, starting from the Aalto University School of Economics. The idea is to have short 2 minute speeches and then have open discussions about them. The goal is to form teams …

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Developing Aaltoes.com – feedback for 2010

The new Aaltoes.com website has been up and running for some three months now. You know better than anyone else what you want from Aaltoes.com. Give us a hand and tell what you’d like to see on the site in year 2010. Let’s get started.

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Welcome on board, Aaltoes 2010!

It’s been a busy year, and we’ve achieved a lot so far. Last week Aaltoes reached a new milestone as the new board was elected. With a good mix of skills and a lot of new energy, we’re sure you’ll be hearing from them soon!

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“Shoot for the stars!” – Afternoon with Mårten

The former MySQL CEO Mårten Mickos visited Aalto Ventures Park on Tuesday. Speaking to a crowd of hundreds Mårten underlined the role of failure and long-term perspective.

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Aaltoes Talk with Mårten Mickos

Come listen to one of the most succesful entrepreneurs from TKK. We had a chance to meet him during the Aaltoes Silicon Valley Talkoot trip. There we invited him to come speak for us on his next visit back to Finland. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long.

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Learning and listening at AaltoVP

Aalto Ventures Park is in principal like any other school: the ideal place to learn and grow. Learning has been at the very heart of the AaltoVP experiment early on, as we’ve listened to both our community and the experts. AaltoVP is going to be great.

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It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week!

Global Entreprereneurship Week is celebrated this week. People across six continents are coming together to generate new ideas & to seek better ways of doing things. Aaltoes is participating in GEW as well.

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Be A Change 2009 -seminar for social entrepreneurship

Do you want to change the world towards the better? Welcome to Be A Change 2009 in Helsinki, 14-15 of November 2009 in Design Factory! All Aaltoes startups with a social agenda should attend, since the core idea is to realize social enterprise ideas into real sustainable businesses.