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Simplicity rules in the second pitching night

Pitching events for this fall are a wrap. Altogether 23 ambitious startups presented their ideas – some of them get to join us in Stanford, others in Slush. Tonight’s winners, UniMerchandise aims at making the affiliate products for

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Start preparing your pitches

As the previous Pitching Evening was so successful, we decided to set up another one on 19th of October at Design Factory. Yep, that’s already on next Monday!

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Come to Aaltoes Cleantech Safari!

Want to innovate and create a new business, but haven’t found a technology to do it with? No problem! AES is organizing a Safari together with the Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT – www.vtt.fi) and Aalto University.

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Aaltoes gets a new home

UPDATE: After yesterday’s brainstorming we decided to put out a idea sourcing page. Use the widget on the right to submit ideas or go to specific page located at feedback.aaltoes.com to submit your ideas! It’s exciting times here on Betonimiehenkuja. Aaltoes just got the keys to its new 1000 square meter space last Tuesday and we’ve been working hard to …

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Pitching and catching ideas in Aaltoes Pitch

Aaltoes Pitching attracted some 100 people to listen to the ideas and executions of future startups. We had a great array of ideas ranging from dictionaries to mobile reminder services.

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Aaltoes Pitching coming up!

It is again the time for all great minds to punch their pitch on the 8th of October! Aaltoes is organizing the first pitching evening of the  semester @ Design Factory, the mecca of creative ideas. We strongly encourage you all who have a good idea to enroll and give your best shot or just show up and enjoy the show …

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Bittersweet in Taik, Aaltoes made the first kick

Taik, the university of art and design, has been a hard biscuit for Aaltoes. As a Taik student myself, I had my hesitations: we value freedom of expression and independent mind.

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Aaltoes Visit to Sulake

It’s been a while since we had our last startup visit but we hope that this is worth the wait: on 5.10. we have a possibility to visit Sulake‘s offices! If you’re not familiar with Sulake it’s one of the best known Finnish media companies. They are targeting mainly children and teens with their main products Habbo Hotel and IRC-Galleria. …

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Activating freshmen

Freshmen have finally arrived! For one and a half week it’s been a busy time for us, meeting all the new students starting at Aalto University. We participated in Mursumessut, Otasuunnistus and Mursujaiset, showcasing in action the way multi-disciplinary teamwork happens.

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New AES website live!

As some of you might have heard (or read from Twitter) we have been working hard during the past few weeks to develop a new website for Aalto Entrepreneurship Society.

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Illtags Goes Live!

Illtags’ missions is to get rid of (or at least reduce) common cold, influenza and other infectious diseases by using the power of social media. Illtags went live last week, without making too much buzz in order to test out the service first. You can start using their service at www.illtags.com. It’s a polished experience with some nifty details. Some …

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Startup Visit to Dicole

Group of AES members were visiting Dicole on Yuesday 28th of July 2009. The technology and consultancy specialized start-up was really worth of seeing and the personnel in the company were enthuastic about their work. The CEO of Dicole, Teemu Arina, has priested about Web 2.0 and social communities around the world, and now was the time for our enlightment. …