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Silicon Valley 2011 Day Two – I/O Ventures, Opinno and Eventbrite


The second (“damn long day“) day’s program started off with tours at two different co-working spaces, followed by a visit to the Eventbrite and for some of us the day was concluded with 8th founders showcase -conference, while the rest had some time to see the City. The two co-working spaces were I/O Ventures and Opinno. It was interesting to …

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4 Aaltoes Team Members Attending TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 in San Francisco


A few days ago the Aaltoes team made a quick decision: Nippe, Juhana, Juho and Riku will attend TC Disrupt on Sep 12th-14th. We were lucky to have Ramine coach us “a bit“ yesterday. The four hour session included so much new information to remember, advice, tips and hints that I don’t actually remember the last time I’ve felt that overwhelmed. Still, I had …

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Lessons of Silicon Valley

Journal kind of a thing from Silicon Valley by Miikka Peltola October, 2010 Miika Peltola is an entrepreneur & student at Aalto University School of Art and Design I decided not to go to the Aalto Entrepreneurship Society’s trip to Silicon Valley. I’m afraid of flying, I didn’t know any other person except one from the Finnish people going, aviation …

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Tuesday: we work hard to understand what fuels the Valley

The loose theme for the day is Stanford and how the student activities build the grassroots necessary for the rest of the ecosystem. With the BASES 150K kick-off & ASES meeting fresh in mind, we’ll cover the various student activities around campus. The schedule is pretty loose and there’s room to explore solo the campus. While on campus, try running …

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Monday: we work hard to understand failure

With our recent FailDay what would be more appropriate than kicking of the Valley week with a whole day of celebrating failure! FailCon gathers the best entrepreneurs to share their lessons learned on the theme of failures, obstacles and making them work for you. Continuing from that we have invited Gagan Biyani to tell his story of how a first …

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Lessons learned in Silicon Valley -recap

A month back Aaltoes hosted a recap session on the legendary Silicon Valley Tour. We heard some of the entrepreneurs traveling with us share their key insights from the trip. Now the videos are uploaded, so if you want to hear the ideas that arose from visiting the number one entrepreneurial hotspot of the world, visit the links below: Aaltoes …

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“Grow the pie, not your slice”

These words from now-retired venture capitalist, Andy Rachleff, stayed with me throughout his lecture on early-stage venture capital at the Stanford Graduate School of Business on Tuesday. Whilst the rest of the Finnish group was attending FailCon in San Francisco, Rohit and I took the chance to attend a lecture at one of the most intensive entrepreneurial courses offered at …

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Lessons from the Valley: Real-Time Work

There’s one thing that is really pulling me to come live and develop my startup in the valley. It’s the way of working that is so efficient. This is real-time work. Today we’ve had 6 meetings, none of which we knew about two days before. Most of the meetings we didn’t know about a couple of hours before the meetings. …

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The Silicon Valley Talkoot programme

Follow our programme from the Google Calender. The programme is due to some changes – however you can read recaps of the days afterwards from our blog.

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Startups traveling with us in Silicon Valley

Here are the startups traveling with us in Silicon Valley during the week. All of them have great stories to share, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

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San Francisco Startup Culture

We had to wake up at 6 o’clock this morning to attend Startup School. The day has been full of great experiences on the amazing startup culture here in the Valley. The valley culture truly supports entrepreneurship. Having a bunch of people around you that want to do the same thing is a real boost. Also the amazing events are …

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Two pitching events taking place next week!

Miss us while we’re gone? No worries – there are two great events taking place next week on Tuesday 27th October in both Turku and Tampere. Aaltoes actives, collect a bunch of friends together for a roadtrip and check out what’s happening in the pitching events of Aaltoes sister organization Boost Turku and Stream Tampere. STREAM Tampere STREAM Tampere is …

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Eric Ries is coming to Finland – Win tickets

Couple weeks ago Twitter showed it’s power once again. Few active startup founders noticed that Eric Rise is going to visit Oulu, Finland and took action immediately to get him to meet the startup scene in Helsinki. If you’re not familiar with the name Eric is the father of Lean Startup methology and also the man behind wildly popular Startup …

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6 hours to go

We’ve now started counting hours (about six) until our departure to Silicon Valley. Kristo, Krista and the team have done a great job in booking interesting meetings and visits, such as Y Combinator. In the web team we had some spare time, so we decided to re-theme the site a bit. From this page you can follow our journey, comment …

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Aaltoes takes on Silicon Valley

The Aaltoes team is working hard to make an unforgettable experience for Aalto University students and startups. We have over 40 participants signed up and Arctic Startup is joining us for the trip. The participants are entrepreneurs who are using the trip as an opportunity to benchmark their products, gain insights for business planning, meet people and make valuable contacts. Seeing how business is …