“Shoot for the stars!” – Afternoon with Mårten

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The former MySQL CEO Mårten Mickos visited Aalto Ventures Park on Tuesday. Speaking to a crowd of hundreds Mårten underlined the role of failure and long-term perspective.

- Shoot for the stars! Even if you fail you land on the moon.

One of the things Mårten pinpointed was that everything in life is useful, whatever you do.

- The biggest problem is that people don’t aim high enough. Scaling doesn’t mean you expand from Lappeenranta to Helsinki. On the other hand people are easily too modest. Quoting Kawasaki, don’t worry, be crappy.

Mårten remembers fondly time spent in Otaniemi.

- Inexperience is a great aspect to have as a student entrepreneur. Only failure will produce success. If Aalto University fails for the first ten years, I’d still consider it an important thing. Here´s to a lot of failure!

Showcasing the successful entrepreneurs

The exhibition “Uuden Vaurauden Vaikuttajat” features portraits of succesful Finnish entrepreneurs shot by photographer Peter Forsgård.

- One common nominator for all the entrepreneurs photographed was that they all were great listeners.

The project to profile top Finnish entrepreneurs is still on-going and will eventually feature 40-50 portraits, complimented by a wiki. The exhibition will stay in Aalto Ventures Park, please feel free to pop by.


Aaltoes Talk with Mårten Mickos from Aaltoes on Vimeo.

Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition

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