Startups Studio on Wednesdays

Aalto Entrepreneurship Society is proud to announce a new event concept called Startups Studio. It’s going to be organized every Wednesday 6pm until summer at a pre-announced location.

The events are a series of interviews from a variety of topics with selected entrepreneurial individuals and startups. The catch is that these discussions are as informal as it can get i.e. “a microphone in the other hand and a beer in the other.” The aim is to show a different side of the interviewees than you would get by arranging a normal keynote event.

The first Startups Studio will be held at Aalto Venture Garage on the 16th of February. The first person to be interviewed is Markus Nuotto and he will be talking about the birth of Aaltoes.

Markus is one of the co-founders at Aalto Entrepreneurship Society and Venture Garage. He’s still actively involved with the community and has recently graduated from TKK, nowadays the Aalto University of Chemical Technology.  Markus was the CTO for a startup called Widsen and is now working on another interesting project related to startups.

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