Summer of Startups 2011 Demo Day: It Takes a Community to Raise a Startup

Summer of Startups, the 10-week entrepreneurial program for the most ambitious students and researchers from not only Finland but all over the world (this year’s edition included teams from India and Russia and even more nationalities!) came to an end today at a spectacular Demo Day! The event featured Playfish’ Kristian Segerstråle (whose lecture is gonna be online soon enough, but as a sneak preview: it was brilliant), but most of all, the 10 amazing Summer of Startups teams!

We shall post the content of this action-packed day online soon, but in the meanwhile, we’d like to extend our warmest congratulations to all the teams, especially the top-3 winners, AntsLab, BusFaster and Stream Dialog, the big winner of the evening, and share the three winning pitches with everyone!

Thanks to the 400+ people who showed up to celebrate these 10 star startups and made the evening one big rock concert! Stay tuned for more material from the Demo Day over the next few days.