About Aaltoes – The long story

Aalto Entrepreneurship Society is an independent, privately funded student and post-graduate led community initiative. We encourage high-tech, high-growth, scalable entrepreneurship, providing a tight startup community in Northern Europe. Founded in 2009, Aaltoes believes in grassroots action, self-initiative and lean practices.

In short, we want to make an impact and change the culture around us to be bolder, more active and more helping & sharing. We help startup founders learn & develop and support ambitious self-starters and committed community members. In essence, we help startups with the start.

How we work to make a difference?

We bring you the role models, tools and the resources to get started. By creating a strong, internationally-oriented community and a supportive culture, we believe we can achieve greater things in and from Finland and Northern Europe.

Our lifeline and main means of existence are our events, which are generally open for anyone interested. Most of our events and operations take place at Aalto Venture Garage, a co-working space in Aalto University School of Technology’s campus just outside of Helsinki, Finland.

Open Office Every Wednesday at 17

Come to our events, meet our team and join the action. You are welcome to our weekly team meetings, a.k.a Aaltoes Open Office every Wednesday 5 pm at the Garage.

Dear Ecosystem: Our Supporters and Sponsors

Aaltoes activities are supported by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation, KAUTE foundation, Wihuri FoundationTEKES, Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship, Aalto University as well as project-specific sponsors and numerous other individuals, organizations, fellow startups and more mature companies.

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Project Portfolio

We've been involved in quite a number of projects of different size, color, objective and outcome. Here's a few:

  • Finland Post Welfare - A Panel on the Challenging Future of The Finnish Welfare State
  • Seriesseed.fi - Legal documents for startups open-sourced
  • National Fail Day - Fail fast, fail smart is our life philosophy
  • In addition, we've had many cool visitors, including Alex Osterwalder and Steve Blank among many others