TechStart follow-up

TechStart follow-up

My message to you all is: go for it! Will, vision, and persistance combined with ability to learn will make you succeed.

The quote is from Tuomas Syrjälä, CEO of Futurice, and it’s nice to hear such encouraging words from a person as succesful as he is. It’s from the blog post about AES’s Techstart event of which Riku already blogged a while back. Now also Teemu Kurppa who was speaking at the event has published his slides from the event. If you are interested about mobile and payment options it’s definitely something to take a look at:

In short, App Store and it’s rivals are solving a distribution problem so that it’s very cost-efficient for a small startup to test an idea, reach users and try to get traction in mobile. This wasn’t possible just 3 years ago, when we started Jaiku. Only reasonable way to get a mobile application to users was through operator or device manufacture deals.

[slideshare id=1558112&doc=preso-090610005730-phpapp02]




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