Startup Visit to Dicole

Startup Visit to Dicole

Dicole visit

Group of AES members were visiting Dicole on Yuesday 28th of July 2009. The technology and consultancy specialized start-up was really worth of seeing and the personnel in the company were enthuastic about their work. The CEO of Dicole, Teemu Arina, has priested about Web 2.0 and social communities around the world, and now was the time for our enlightment.

The conversation started with Teemu’s thoughts about learning. He argumented that learning is most effecient with dialogy. ”The way of lecturing, as it is nowadays in schools, has become in continuum of mass production, mass marketing and mass media. People are made as machines and innovation disappears. The new growth and development is borning from creativity and thinking differently. At the moment in our systems like in primary school these things does not matter.”

When we were speaking about firm dynamics, Teemu shared few tips about personnel subjects. ”The right mix of people in company is vital. When you are interviewing someone to jump in your company, ask what the job seeker do in her/his free time, e.g. what books you read? That is how you can measure the real attitude towards the subject.”

Teemu also spoke, that it is odd, that people do not increase their likelihood to success by seeing and being in different places. ”Huge changes and collaborations become true just by accidently. You should always use the opportunity to go for a lunch if it is possible, for example when you are on your work tour in new town or in new country. You never know.”

AES thanks Teemu and Dicole team for giving the time for us.

Dicole company website

Teemu Arina’s blog

- Perttu & Jori

Ps. AES is organizing startup visits from time to time. Check out our Facebook group for future events.



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