Sami Inkinen: Go Big or Go Home

Sami Inkinen: Go Big or Go Home

Returning to his alma mater, Sami Inkinen, founder of Trulia addressed the Summer of Startups and a 150+ audience on last Friday morning. His talk structures around the ten lessons learned in his schooling and career that has spanned from technical physics to corporates like Nokia and McKinsey and a quick stint in Stanford MBA program to launching Trulia, the US’ fastest growing real estate market site. Amongst the many life lessons Sami shared, a theme of a sense of urgency emerged; Especially as a startupper, there are always a hundred reasons to quit, or not start at all, and it takes a formidable vision and belief to keep trying regardless of the setbacks. To the young audience Sami remarks that “burning the life boats” becomes harder and harder and the switching costs get higher as people get older.

The 10 things to remember according to Sami:
1 ) Don’t extrapolate from a single data point
2 ) Dont believe what the Finnish adage say but… think big, aim high!
3 ) You’ll have a 100 reasons to quit early
4 ) Everything is a chicken vs egg problem
5 ) Most common reason for startup failure is that founders stop trying
6 ) If it’s going to be big, most people don’t believe you…until you’ve made it big!
7 ) Go for A+ in everything
8 ) You won’t win alone or by keeping quiet.
9 ) It’s not a sprint; Its a marathon with many attacks.
10 ) It’s the journey, not the destination

Now, to the fun part: If you missed Sami’s talk, or simply wanna relive it again, make sure to watch the whole lecture in full HD quality below. In our Vimeo account, we’ve also divided the talk into sections,to make it handier to view. Thanks Sami for the visit & come back again soon!

Aaltoes Talk with Sami Inkinen from Aaltoes on Vimeo.

Aaltoes Talk with Sami Inkinen – Q & A from Aaltoes on Vimeo.

Pic by Erika


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