Come Thursday and Pitch it.

Come Thursday and Pitch it.

Aaltoes Pitch it., on March 29, is a great opportunity to get feedback, find funding for your startup and get it on the map. The open mic session is perfect for getting initial feedback for ideas.

Check out our jury:

Oskari Lehtonen, Koppi | Catch

Oskari is a partner at Koppi | Catch, one of the Vigo accelerators. He is a serial entrepreneur and has conducted research in Stanford University, Silicon Valley and Singapore among other places. Oskari is mainly interested in consumer related applications and services and media sector.

Riku Seppälä, Open Ocean Capital

Riku joined Open Ocean from the big data startup Hopper Travel in Montreal. Prior to Hopper, Riku co-founded two startups, Canvious and NHybrid and helped startups at Montreal-based accelerator Bolidea.

Ramine Darabiha, Rovio

Ramine is a French entrepreneur, gamer and blogger. He is the founder and CEO of, expert in cloud computing. His past experience is in large scale gaming communities, and recently mentored the Summer of Startups and Garage48 programs. He is also a coach at Startup Sauna. Currently manages R&D at Rovio.

Antti Ylimutka, Startup Sauna

Antti is wingman at Startup Sauna, the leading open-source seed accelerator program in Europe. Having been running it two batches already and preparing for the third, and Summer of Startups once, he sure knows what is needed to get early stage ideas flying. In addition to seed accelerators and startups, Antti has a vast experience from B2C and B2B sales.

Mike Bradshaw, Hammerkit

Mike is community shepherd at HammerKit and a Startup Sauna coach. Also dis-organiser of BarCamp Helsinki and other un-conferences, helps startups with presentation skills, host at Hub Helsinki, co-driver with the Travelling Salesman and organiser of for the last three years.



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  1. March 27, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Haircult is a social platform to help find better hair products and services. We have pitched this a couple of times over the last couple of weeks. Feedback would be fantastic while we are building our website and mobile platforms.

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