Build It: “We are under development”

Build It: “We are under development”

With Build It approaching the 24th hour, we’re taking a look at the teams’ progress. As expected in a hackathon, some of the projects overlap, giving the teams an excellent opportunity to find synergies during the second and final day.

Helpful advice on how to go about the final day remaining can be found from this blogpost by Ramine Darabiha. Good reading especially since there seems to be many first-timers taking part.

With hours of work, poorly slept night under the belt and too much candy, the next 24 hours should be spent wisely; Decide if you wanna focus on concept creating, deploying basic functionalities of your website/app or simply having fun coding, cracking problems and teaming up.

The Garage is getting ready to take a break and dine, but in the meanwhile, take a look below at the projects currently being worked on. Some pics from Saturday can be found here.

I’m having a blast at Build It, as hopefully are my fellow builders as well!

- Charlotta

NOTE: We will update this list throughout the remaining 24 hours. is a civic issue tracking for a city. Try it out by reporting a fix via #korjaus! Neighborhood watch squad members are Kalle, TapaniAnton, Tuure and Miikka.


Optimized for outdoors events, big festival areas etc, this project is an augmented reality app helps connect with friends, and locate spots etc. Enhancing your festival experience are Timo, Juhana, Suvi and Satu.


Petit, a Windows Phone app-in-the-making, forces pet owners to be more social, share content and connect with other nearby pet owners. Domestic animal lovers: Wei, Wen, Trung, Liang and Kun.


Need a handywork done? Put your task on the web and find a helping hand via Apuri. Misters Helping-Hands Ltd are Lucian and Ciprian.


A groupwork tool  called Pamflets allows for easily shared content for groups. The classroom Facebook’s principals are Wenlei, Yannis and Qiang.


LetsConverse is an online social media conversation tracker. Navigating the web of conversations: Nitin, Man Singh and Lulit.

Startup Sauna “e-Corner”

An online platform to share videos and other teaching material from Startup Sauna. Team of Ramine, Nur, Nils, Jukka and Lari. Bonus task: Juho, Lauri, Lotta updating Summer of Startups.

Sea Energy Tag

Sea Energy Tag is the ArcticStartup and Crunchbase of sea energy firms, covering the fast developing industry of renewable wave and tidal energy. Under the sea: Tomasz, Auri and Edward.


As creative as a whiteboard platform, Canvast is an online environment for teamwork. Brainstorm behind the scenes courtesy of Asta, Tuomas, Tuomo, Anders, Juha and Niko.


Phunter is a scavenger hunt with user-generated pictures and elements of geocaching. Explore your surroundings and find cool new places. Team Scavenger: Erno, Kalle, Jarno and Anssi.


Aalto-dibs is a light weight online dating service that in the pilot phase targets university network students. Love is in the air for Jaakko, Pekka, Nico and Henri.


Kimppis HTML5 app is a fun way to taxi-share; It finds people going to the same direction and calculates their share of the ride’s cost. Cab poolers are Kimmo, Janni, Axel and Tuomas.

Web tiles

Tomi, Jarno and Jani are working on an Android widget version of Web tiles, the modified home screens currently available on WP.

A platform to match freelance informal work, reconnecting neighbourhoods and private-to-private services. Provisioning tasks: Tomi, Alex, Michelle, Martin and Cathy.

Team Pivot

Juhana, Jani, Iivari and Matti started out with an idea of a gamified todo list but in a day, morphed into crafting a new game.

Motivation Tool

Daniel’s one man show is helping people keep to their commitments by creating monetary incentives.

Javascript web app platform

A builder for easy-to-deploy, Github integrated server code in Javascript. Oleg is le Builder.

Cheers to The Ministry of Transport and Communications, IBM and Eficode!



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