What a Crawl!

What a Crawl!

Last Friday sixty eager Crawlers visited six sweet startup offices around the city center of Helsinki.

Startup Crawl was a perfect after-work event: all startups were well-prepared and enthusiastic to welcome the groups of Crawlers. We saw cool presentations, innovative refreshments and really neat offices. … The evening’s high point was the after party at Helmi, where we had a few drinks, some snacks and great discussions about startup entrepreneurship.

Overall, it was awesome to see entrepreneurs and startup-minded people from various backgrounds getting together and having a great time. Chatting with startup founders, playing minigolf inside offices, Enjoying Tiki Bars and etc. Definitely not something you do every day – that’s for sure!

Big thanks to all Crawlers and and get ready for the next Crawl!

And once more, we want to thank all startups that made the awesome evening possible! Cheers, Meetin.gs, ThingLink, drawElements, LeadDesk, Blaast and ExperQ!

PS. We hope you did not have too bad hangovers!



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  1. March 20, 2012 at 9:47 am

    Thanks for stopping by at drawElements office! It was great to meet new people and to spend time with all the crawlers. See you next time.

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