Back to the Bootcamp

Back to the Bootcamp

at San Francisco

A few weeks ago two Aaltoes guys, Juho and DH, got a mission: to join E-bootcamp and help out the organizers of the event as a partner. Although it was such a creepy idea to go back to bootcamp once again – we’ve already served 3 years in total in military – we quickly sensed that it’s going to be so much fun, just by the fact that we would be able to meet 100+ entrepreneurs coming from all over the world at Stanford university campus.

While DH and Lauri, another participant of the event representing Tuubio, flew in San Francisco, Juho was already enjoying a beer with Startup Life interns (Nelli, Otto, Pekka) in a cool bar called Zeitgeist.  The interns told us that they are truly content with their jobs and are learning a lot while working with get-things-done entrepreneurs. Just like what Nelli did last year, Otto extended his stay in the Valley as he wanted to work there longer.

The next morning after some serious playing with waffle machines we headed to I/O ventures located at downtown San Francisco to work. The place was packed already in the early morning. Kristo and Tuomo from Metrify joined us for lunch – their speed is pretty impressive as they had had 12 meetings yesterday.

get Kristoed

True entrepreneurs always take risks, don't they?

In Palo Alto we finally got to meet Zissis, a handsome guy from Greece and one of the organizers of the E-Bootcamp. We were assigned to lead the startup tours taking place during the next two following days which was great – we’re going to see some of the most stellar companies in the world and herd a group of aspiring entrepreneurs. We also started to envy Stanford students just a bit, mostly for their meal plans. The student dining room provided incredible amount of food options as well as an ice-cream machine (!).

E-Bootcamp is a bootcamp after all so no place was actually secured for us to sleep in. Nevertheless we, the restless warriors, did not flinch at all, because we knew that life is always full of surprises. Fortunately E-Bootcamp crew (us included) quickly found two very kind Stanford students who stepped forward to host us. Somehow it felt like things turned out better this way as now we’ll be able to get some sense of how it truly feels to be part of the Stanford community. Tomorrow we will walk 20+ people through the coolest companies of all – more on that later.

Alright! Seems like we need to get some sleep for a change. Stay tuned!

- DH & Juho



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