TC Disrupt finvasion!

TC Disrupt finvasion!

Smile, you’re (soon) at #TCDisrupt.

Fog is opaque. Temperature is 15 degrees Celsius at 10 am. Welcome to California in September! Aaltoes sent five team members towards the great unknown to attend TechCrunch Disrupt SF – and here we are, the mini-finvasion: Tatu, Mikko, Kristian, Lauri and me.

TechCrunch organizes several Disrupt conferences per year, and they all gather together a great variety of participants – investors, startups and media – around an interesting agenda. Naturally the San Francisco edition of Disrupt is bigger and bolder than the others. All started Saturday with a hackathon, which Aaltoes team member Kristian is attending.

The actual conference starts on Monday, and the speaker list is more than impressive with names like Jack Dorsey, Jessica Alba (at a tech conference? You bet) and Mark Zuckerberg. When going through the speaker list, someone might notice that one of the TC Disrupt speakers – Richard Wong – can also be seen at Slush in November.

Aaltoes team is here to network, promote and learn – not necessarily in this order, though. It’s a great opportunity to spread word about our great work we do. We meet interesting people, hear the latest gossip and bring our new knowledge back home. This trip is a small step when making Finland a stable part of world wide startup community. Since – believe it or not – Silicon Valley doesn’t come to us asking how we’re doing, we came here to tell.

It’s hard to care that there’s 22 degrees Celsius warm in Helsinki for the next week – the atmosphere is going to get steaming hot!


PS. We don’t know how Kristian spoke his way into the hackathon, but I guess we have plenty of time to hear various versions of the story. Stay tuned.



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