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Meet the BootCamp Teams

Meet the teams that will be giving their blood, sweat and tears in BootCamp!

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Video interviews from MIT GSW

I interviewed two of the MIT GSW organizers, keynote speaker Robin Chase and two startups. Have a look! MIT GSW organizers: Andri Kristinsson, Innovit.is Entrepreneur Center, Iceland: Robin Chase, Zipcar.com (MIT GSW keynote speaker): Couple of startups from the Hilton lobby: Amivox.com: Greenqloud.com: – Mikko Ikola

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Lessons Learned at Lunch

Wili Miettinen and Jussi Harvela, who are 2 of the 6 coaches of BootCamp, were at the Garage during the BootCamp Info Lunch. They both shared their entrepreneur’s story of their humble beginnings of starving students’ start-up to successful international recognition. Both entrepreneurs told valuable lessons that they had learned from their experiences. Wili explained that being an entrepreneur is …

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An Aaltoes update from Copenhagen

It’s been an international week and a half for Aalto Entrepreneurship Society. Mikko, Lauri, Oskari, Varun, and Markus were all representating us at the MIT Global Startup Workshop in Reykjavik last week, and this week Lauri, Santeri, Ville, and Jens have been in Copenhagen getting to know the ecosystem here. Overall, it’s been quite a learning experience in both cities! …

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1 min pitches at MIT GSW

Pitching competition is over at MIT Global Startup Workshop. There was altogether around 30 pitches. Some of them were very good, as you can see below, and on the other hand, some people even read their pitches on paper. It was very nice and intensive to watch the pitches as they were only 1 minute long. You really had to …

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Pitching and networking at Iceland (2nd day)

Hi again, The second day of MIT GSW is coming to an end. Today’s agenda has included e.g. many intersting talks, discussions and now we’re heading for the gala dinner, where there will be more speeches, good company and terrific views on Icelands mountains. Definately one highlight for today has been the preliminary rounds of the Elevator Pitch Competition, where …

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A Spin-Off from TKK

We were told the story of a young researcher working hard in his lab pumping out paper after paper on his research. This researcher felt like he was just publishing the papers for the University and then dismissing the papers. “Publish it and forget it”, he said. There was never any follow through, no reward, no satisfaction. Then one day, …

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1st day at MIT GSW

First day is behind at MIT Global startup workshop in Iceland. Lot of enthusiastic people and lot of interesting discussions. The seminar is held in Hilton hotel in Rekjavik. First day included presentations, panel discussions and pitching workshop. Have a look at the program on the website. Lessons learned first day: 1) The advantage of multidisciplinary teams and education. Everybody …

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3 Minutes is Not a Long Time!

At today’s New Wave event, we got to hear 6 pitches from eager teams. In almost all presentations, the teams pitching went over the 3 minutes time slot. When pitching, we need to remember that it is not about telling your whole business plan but to intrigue the audience with important hightlights. You don’t have a lot of time!  The …

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Congratulations to LucSens, Winner of the Startup Talkoot.

Have you even been to a foreign country where you do not know the language?  Well have no fear LucSens is here! With the product that Luscens is developing, you will be able to take a photo with your camera phone, send it to this translator and it will tell you what the symbol means. Check out more at www.lucsens.com …

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Sunday Talkoot wrap-up

Here’s a quick recap on the Sunday activities, presented by your favourite reporter, Kristo Ovaska: Artturi Tarjanne presenting some tips for Aaltoes startups Timo Everi telling about marketing Aaltoes Business Model Canvas workshop by Petri Vilén Final pitches Relé StatusScan Luenti

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Talkoot startups presenting their ideas

Jens explaining what Aaltoes Startup Talkoot is all about Luenti, OCR system for camera/mobile phone Shobble, making e-shopping more fun and social. Lostfinders.com Aalto Events Friendfeed for companies Water freefall Mobile channel advertising Rele

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Talkoot needs you now!

Design Factory is the place to be this weekend. Talkoot started today with a bang.  This morning, the teams participating in Talktoot gave their companies’ pitches to the audience.  During the day, the teams will get to develop their ideas with the help of experience entrepreneurs, students and YOU. All teams need feedback – good, bad or even neutral since …

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Spring Cleaning: Out with the Old, In with the New.

We are in the process of seriously using the delete button on some of our pages of the Website.  Yes, ladies and gentleman, Aaltoes declares that Spring time is here and it’s time to clean our website.  Don’t be alarm if you can’t find a page- we are just making things clearer and simpler. What’s new, you may ask? Well, …

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Late Night with Aaltoes & Start-ups

What a night! Great speakers, great atmosphere, great venue (after the lightman worked his magic) and great people! Aaltoes spent a great night with startups on 6.3. on the 6th floor of the KY-building. Teemu Seppälä presented the Tuli-fund, start-ups gave a look into their companies and lives and offered advice and the audience listened, discussed and consumed food and …