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Open Data – The New Oil For Miners


Last Wednesday, we enjoyed a treat for data lovers. Our event, Aaltoes Insights on Open Data, turned out to be an interesting introduction to the local open data community.

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Startups – potential world saviors

Startups saving the world

“The greatest challenges of our time have turned into bugbears no one wants to deal with – nevertheless, huge problems consist of smaller problems – and they’re perfectly solvable one at a time. And as mentioned before, startups do it more efficiently than any other actor.”

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The Aaltoes Board of 2013 Says Hi!


Dear friends, it is our very great pleasure to introduce the Aalto Entrepreneurship Society’s Board of 2013: Elli and the Engineers!

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Slush – 48 hours = Garage48


Slush will host a 48-hour tech hackathon Garage48 on 19th to 21st of November. Since late 2010, Garage48 has organized more than 20 events in ten countries across the world, with about 200 working prototypes and at least five projects seed funded.

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Colonisation of Mars – Aaltoes Big Ideas with Bas Lansdorp


This fall Aaltoes hosted a series of extremely inspirational keynotes by entrepreneurs who are fundamentally changing the way the human race operates!

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The Slush Experience as an Organizer


This post is re-posted from Slush.fi and is a part of the three post series about the Slush experience. In this series we interview an Organizer, a Startup Founder and an Investor about their experiences from Slush. Read part 1 here. Oskari Vinko is one of the tallest guys you might meet in Slush. He is a student in Aalto …

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Build it – A Land of Opportunity


Friday, 6 pm, is the kickoff for our long awaited hackathon – Aaltoes Build it. The winning team will receive free tickets to the Slush conference!!! Make ideas reality. Find a team. Show off your skillz. Score some bounty. Build it is a 48 hour weekend hackathon, where teams are formed around ideas. At the end of the weekend, teams will have developed working prototypes. It …

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Build it is back!


Aaltoes Build it is an intensive hackathon, where you get to try out your skills in building a prototype out of an idea – in just 48 hours. Participants will team up to create something innovative and exciting. We’ll also have a few mentors giving pointers in design and development, just to give you that extra kick. A great learning experience? …

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3 Reasons You Should Celebrate Day for Failure Now.


October 13th is Day for Failure. We create a new holiday to rethink, share, and learn from failure. Our goal is to make October 13th an internationally-recognized holiday as Valentine’s Day Ok, Here’s the story (if you just want to learn the reasons, scroll down.) I clearly remember how this all began. Nippe, a chairman of Aaltoes, asked “Should we …

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A wrap-up of yesterday’s Pitch it.

Here’s a brief recap of yesterday’s pitches and the event. Also check out last night’s post on What makes a good event? inspired by the evening. Around 30 people came to Aalto Design Factory to hear very early stage teams in another session of Pitch it. The pitched projects were about crowdsourcing, democratical socal platforms, travel tracker solutions and passion for coffee. The …

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What makes a good event?


Or what makes all that regular grind of grassroots events worth it? Tonight was the second Aaltoes Pitch it of the fall. The event started around 6pm, but at 5:50 things looked pretty bleak. Barely an audience, two judges missing, three teams cancelled last minute. So what’s the point of doing this event? Well. Come 6:05 and we had around …

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Wrapping up Seedcamp Week


If you’ve read the past lessons we’ve learned during this trip, you’ve might noticed that we’ve been perfecting the ‘art of networking’. In case you were wondering, it is under control. During the past two posts, you’ve heard how has it been here at the Seedcamp Week, but this time we are attempting to wrap up the whole event and …

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Free – as in lunch


Startups are all about learning and pretty much nothing else. The ones who make it just learn faster than the ones who don’t. London and Seedcamp Week have certainly fortified that believe in us. Thus, we bring you yet another set of learnings. You can see the first four lessons by reading our previous post ‘London Calling’. Lesson number five: …

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London calling!


This time Aaltoes kids are in London, bringing you the updates from Seedcamp Week 2012. The sleepless and buzzing investment capital of Europe has engaged us in plethora of activities, and it has only been two nights! First lesson learned: Bootstrapping comes at a price. Being entrepreneurial minded students (bit of a double negative on the finance side, eh?), we …

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Slush 2012


Slush is in the air: Startup expo and conference is back in late November Two-day conference passes for Slush 2012 are available with a limited time early bird special. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, professional or in the beginning of your career, get your tickets now. As you’ve come to expect by now, the two days will feature an intriguing …