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“What are you working with?”

Aaltoes team at Stanford University Campus

Aaltoes team at California has been using Palo Alto as a HQ for four days now, and after San Francisco this town feels so cosy. We have wandered around the Stanford University campus, watched a football game (Stanford won USC!) and crashed to a student party (thanks to our official making-stuff-happen-guy Kristian). Among all that, we’ve met new people and …

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Making Startup Life happen

Today was the day to start working on ideas and contacts made in Disrupt.

The first day after Disrupt could have felt empty somehow – luckily the team got a full booked day, so the pain of letting go wasn’t that crushing. Thursday’s key theme was Startup Life and engaging companies to recruit Finnish talent. The day started with a meeting with Path in an office with the most beautiful view on the highest …

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Day 4, Disruption Round Two

Just like the two mornings before, this morning started with Philz Coffee. After a perfect cup of some blend, which Phil had been giving seven years to get right for seven years, we we’re ready for TC Disrupt day 2. Hoping the catering company would have somehow learned how to serve better food, we skipped Philz bagels(which are nearly as …

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TCDisrupt, day one, introduced amazing speakers


Five Aaltoes team members have been conquering San Francisco for a few days now. Monday was the day all the fun began – TechCrunch Disrupt conference kicked off with a killer speaker set and a bunch of great startups pitching. Midday’s inspiring moments were offered by Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter and founder of Square. He gave two great …

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TC Disrupt – Just hack it

Kristian and the BuddyCloud team on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon

TechCrunch Disrupt started with a 24-hour hackathon and Sunday was devoted for demos. As told on the previous blog post, Aaltoes team member Kristian got in the hackathon yesterday. (Kristian kind of was supposed to write this blog post, but you know, the guy stayed up thirty-something hours in a row.) He didn’t have a ticket and he was told …

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TC Disrupt finvasion!

Smile, you're (soon) at #TCDisrupt.

Fog is opaque. Temperature is 15 degrees Celsius at 10 am. Welcome to California in September! Aaltoes sent five team members towards the great unknown to attend TechCrunch Disrupt SF – and here we are, the mini-finvasion: Tatu, Mikko, Kristian, Lauri and me. TechCrunch organizes several Disrupt conferences per year, and they all gather together a great variety of participants …

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Ich Bin Ein Berliner: Lessons Learned

Overview of Kater Holzig

Berlin is behind and we’ve got some lessons learned we’d like to share with you guys. Nevertheless, first we have to talk about #toa12! The first unforgettable thing about Tech Open Air Berlin was its really eccentric venue Kater Holzig. An alternative club located in an ancient soap factory fits perfectly to our preconception of the hipstery startup scene of Berlin. …

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Ich Bin Ein Berliner: The Berlin Startup Scene

If you have a brain, you are a startup.

We’re back from Berlin, and oh, what a trip it was! Coincidentally, on our way home, we were on the same plane with Julien Fourgeaud and Joona Kallio from Scarlet Motors. They had  been at the Campus Party launching Scarlet Motors, and we had a really interesting chat about their idea of electric sports cars and the leap of faith that they’re …

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Ich Bin Ein Berliner: Aaltoes kids in Berlin


So we’re in Berlin at Campus Party Europe. The first thing that immediately catches your attention is the sheer size of the venue which is an abandoned airport. The event brings together 10,000 people from many different nations. It’s not just the size but also the diversity of fields that literally paralyze you for the first hour there. From social …

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Summer of Startups – The Demoday


Demoday – the day we had been preparing and training for the past two months – two months of hard work, blood sweat and tears, but also quite a lot of joy and good moments. (Photo by Lauri Lehtovuori) The weeks leading up to D-Day were hectic, which clearly could be seen by teams spending longer and longer days at …

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Summer of Startups week 8 – The next level of pitching

George Carlin

Three ways of building confidence on stage and making the audience listen to you There are several resources that tell you how to structure your pitch correctly to different kind of audiences. But what about the next level? How to get confidence on the stage? And how to make people want to listen to you? Pitching confidently is all about …

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Summer of Startups week 7 – Pitching, pitching, pitching…

MARC Pitch

Pitching, pitching, pitching… the Demoday is getting closer and the major activities in Venture Garage are accordingly. The teams have learned so much about pitching in the first place, not to mention the experience everyone’s gained on public stage performance. Some have got rid of their stage fright, which is already clearly visible in the pitches, so way to go! …

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Summer of Startups week 6 – The heat is rising!


Wow, what a week. I guess that’s pretty much what we have thought at the end of each week of the Summer of Startups rollercoaster. Life and adventure at the fullest. We’re team Health Puzzle. We’re building an interactive health application platform that offers personalized, mobile health apps based on an individual’s genetic composition, environmental factors and medical history. This …

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Summer of Startups week 5 – Tallinn & Lessons learned


I’m Miguel from VitaSensis. We are developing a motion sensor device for the elderly market. We come to SoS from a different path than the other teams. We are a kind of an exchange startup from Oporto university incubator, promoted by Startup Pirates, the startup exchange program. We welcome this opportunity, because we were already planning to be here, and …

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Summer of Startups week 4 – Half over or half to go?

358 helping teams out with their customer journeys

Greetings from team GroundUp! We have been enjoying the roller coaster ride that is SoS 2012, and we are tickled pink to bring you Week 4′s blog post update. First, our quick backstory: We are a team of 3 engineering, business and design minds, working to engage and empower the concerned individuals who want to make a positive difference in …